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Die erste Adresse für zweite Hand Immobilien in Dénia, seit 1971!

Costa Blanca - Information related to Properties!

Since 1971 operates Iber Holland as a property agency in Dénia, therefore it is the oldest foreign Agency in Dénia.

Our motto: "The I. Address for II Hand properties".

Abbildung vom Büro Iber Holland Int s.l.u. - Immobilien DeniaWith over 40-years of existence and a large repertuar, we formed a team that rely much on market - oriented experience. To make decisions easier for you, we prepared on this Site a large list of informations and explanations for sellers and buyers, but for common costs, taxes and mortgages, too. Also you can find open information about what Dénia is and what you can find here on the heart of the Costa Blanca.

If you don't need information but you are looking for a property to buy, you can go to our offers for houses or villas, country houses, penthouses, apartments, or just to our property main page:

Foto Kollage von Denia

Our focus resides on Dénia and near surroundings but we also offer properties in the outback of the Costa Blanca. Our Portfolio has a moving number of round abount 300 properties. We have a great movement for our houses and we're looking constantly for new homes to offer. Preferred free standing villas or Bungalows.

Our information is made for our clients, but is equally important for every buyer on the Costa Blanca - Information related to Properties!, because on the white coast, now and then, properties a an excellent investment for everyone.

In the first Menu Block you have interesting informations about Dénia and what you can find here. In the second Block you'll find all the important and actuall information to buy / sell you house, for annually taxes and costs and other issues for a house owner.

The Team of Iber Holland Int s.l.u. hopes that you get all information you need to find / sell you House without dislikes.

Best regards,
The Team of Iber Holland Int s.l.u.

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